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5 Things to Avoid When Filing Your Return

Source:   1.Not filing an income tax and benefit return because you had no income If you have no income to report, you should still file a return. You may be eligible for a refund and credits and benefits such as the goods and services tax/harmonized sales tax credit and the Canada child tax benefit. 2.Not reporting all your income When filing, it is important to make sure you report all your income from all your slips, such as…

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Ask an Accountant – 2018 Tax Rates and Limits

Tax rates, contribution limits, deduction rates, and more are constantly changing (thanks Canada Revenue!). Lucky for you we’ve created a handy guide for you to follow, complete with all of 2018s rates. Federal Income Tax Brackets & Tax Rates Alberta Personal Income Tax Brackets & Tax Rates 2018 Taxable Income 2018 Tax Rates 2018 Taxable Income 2018 Tax Rates first $46,605 15% first $128,145 10% over $46,605 up to $93,208 21% over $128,145 up to $153,773 12% over $93,208 up…

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KBH Outsourced Accounting Services

On top of all the hours it takes starting, operating and maintaining your business the one thing you will always have on your mind are your financials. Whether it’s your payroll, bookkeeping, Year End, GST/HST remittances or basic tax issues – your books are important. That’s why at KBH we have developed an Outsourced Accounting Service model that is tailored to the size and type of business you have. With the current economy changing and businesses having to fight and overcome…

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