Last week the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) issued a new education program for charities (Charities Education Program). In theory this program sounds like a good idea, and it’s good that it exists so people are knowledgeable; however there are a few fundamental flaws in the overall basis of the program.

The main issue is that the CRA picks the charities that get to participate rather than the charities that actually want and need the help getting accepted. The typical government mentality in creating a program and then deciding who should participate rather than asking who wants to participate. This could mean that any charity that wants and needs help might be left behind and end up offside with the charities directorate; while another who didn’t really need the help but is selected to be in the program… How does the CRA go about devising which charity is more deserving than the other?

It doesn’t seem to make sense for the CRA to pick the participants when there are some who will not want to or don’t really need it, while other charities are struggling and desperately need the assistance.

Is there some sort of charity cool kids club we’re not privy to?

For more information on this program, read about it on the CRA site here.