(Updated 11.22.2021)

Businesses adopting the Alberta government’s COVID-19 Restrictions Exemption Program (REP) will now be able to apply for financial supports designed to assist businesses with the offset of the costs of implementation and training, but eligible businesses will be able to use this funding in the way they see fit.

In addition, Alberta will be introducing the REP Training Grant, a $1-million grant that will allow businesses to procure or develop training for workers to assess and manage situations that may arise during their daily work. The province will build off of the existing ProServe program, a training system already used by licensed businesses in the province.

Alberta is also planning on introducing legislation designed to protect businesses that require vaccination for employees or that implement the REP from legal challenges. The legislation will also aim to protect workers from harassment or mistreatment by increasing the fine from $2,000 to $4,000.

How much money will I receive from the REP grant?

The grant will provide $2,000 to eligible small and medium-sized organizations that choose to implement the Restrictions Exemption Program. As the funding is a grant, you will not be required to pay any of it back.

The Government of Alberta has committed $20 million to this program, and funding will cease if/when this cap has been reached.

What can I use the money for?

As per the Alberta Government: organizations may use the funds as they see fit to help offset the costs of implementing the Restrictions Exemption Program.

Organizations with multiple permanent physical establishments in Alberta that each implement the REP are eligible to apply for support for each location.

Who is eligible for the REP?

1) On the list of eligible in-scope operators:

  • Restaurants and food courts with closed access to the public
  • Nightclubs
  • Casinos, Bingo Halls, VLT Lounges
  • Entertainment and recreation centres, such as:
    • Bowling, racing entertainment, arcades, billiards halls, other similar entertainment
    • Museums, art galleries
    • Movie theatres
  • Fitness and recreation facilities for physical activity, performance activity or recreational activity
  • Conferences, meeting spaces, halls, and rented space (excluding dwelling units)
  • Weddings and funerals are held in public facilities where the facility maintains responsibility for adherence to these requirements
  • Professional sporting or performance events (spectator)
  • Indoor adult sport and performance activities (participants)
  • Private social events are held in public facilities where the facility maintains responsibility for adherence to these requirements
  • Adult recreational activities (for example, classes, groups)
  • Amenities in hotels and condos, including fitness rooms, pools and game rooms
  • Spectator settings for professional sport or performance activity

2) Implementing the Restrictions Exemption Program (REP) consistently as part of daily operations,
3) Verifying proof of vaccination, negative test results or medical exemption for patrons 12 and over,
4) A permanent establishment in Alberta,
5) Open and operating since September 20, 2021, and
6) Employing fewer than 500 employees (including contractors).

Who is not eligible?

Any organization that is not implementing the REP and/or is defined as an out-of-scope operator:

  • Child care settings
  • Events in private dwellings
  • Retail and shopping malls
  • Libraries
  • Workers and employees in/on a worksite for the purposes of their employment
  • Schools (Kindergarten to Grade 12)
  • School curriculum-based activities
  • Accommodations (hotels, motels)
  • Places of Worship – for faith services
  • Mutual support groups
  • Health services
  • Personal services
  • Wellness services
  • Youth physical activity, performance activity and recreational activity, where all participants are under the age of 18
  • Public transit
  • Jury selection
  • Election purposes and other related activities
  • First responders attend for the purposes of responding to an emergency situation
  • Publicly-funded post-secondary institutions, including cafeterias and residence common areas
  • First Nations College entities:
    • Maskwacis Cultural College
    • Old Sun Community College
    • Red Crow Community College
    • University nuhelot’ine thaiyots’i nistameyimakanak Blue Quills
    • Yellowhead Tribal College

How do I apply?

1) You must have a MyAlberta Digital ID. If you already have an account, use your existing credentials.

2) Log in to the grant application portal using your MyAlberta Digital ID account, then fill out and submit an application through the portal.

For additional help, the official Application Companion Guide can be found HERE.