Let’s take it back to 1494, when Luca Pacioli of Venice, Italy wrote “Summa de Arithmetica, Geometria, Proportioni et Proportionalita” (Everything about Arithmetic, Geometry and Proportion). What’s so significant about this particular book, you mask ask? It just so happened to be the first book that contained essay’s on double-entry bookkeeping and provided a base for other works on mercantile accounting.

Therefore, each year on November 10th we pay tribute to the work of Luca Pacioli, “The Father of Modern Accounting”. We also honour all those who have chosen the profession of accounting.

A profession that was traditionally dedicated to helping businesses and individuals balance the books and keep their tax affairs in order. However, the modern accountant must do much more than reconciliations and tax calculations. Clients now expect their accountant to help them achieve their goals.  With Canada having roughly 75,000 accountants, all of whom are in charge of keeping your hard in monies well accounted for, it is only right to honour this holiday and the work they do.

On behalf of all the partners and staff at KBH Chartered Accountants we would like to congratulate our fellow accountants on this day.

We at KBH believe in helping people succeed, whether it is helping an accounting student with a placement or career information; or going beyond the norm to help our clients do better. At our firm, our people are our employees, our clients and the community.  The success of these collective groups is important to us.

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