The Digital Economy Program is a partnership between Business Link and Digital Main Street, which will help small businesses in Alberta undergo digital transformations and adopt eCommerce practices to help their business not only survive but thrive. Participating small businesses will learn to use and maintain digital tools that are essential to succeed in today’s competitive environment.

Learn to:

  • Curate your digital storefront.
  • Website audit to attract more customers
  • Setup your Google Maps listing.
  • Setup your Google Maps profile to help customers find you faster.
  • Build a community on social.
  • Learn how to build meaningful connections with your customers.
  • Open your online store.
  • Elevate your business’ eCommerce presence.

In this program, small businesses will learn to use online tools and eCommerce practices, to help them succeed in today’s landscape.

Eligible companies include:

  • Home-based or commercial small businesses
  • Registered in Alberta
  • Less than 50 employees

Check your eligibility using the Digital Economy Programs tool here.