We’ve been working with KBH since its inception. They are very knowledgeable in regulatory fields and after 20 years of service; we know we can rely on them.
Alberta College of Social Workers
I have peace of mind knowing KBH handles all of my accounting. They help me manage my finances, and ensure I understand them.
We’ve been with KBH for 34 years or more, they have a unique ability to react quickly to our questions …you need those fast responses sometimes and I don’t think any other firm would be as responsive. KBH is a great combination of partners and staff who have a variety of qualifications to answer our questions. They’ve come to know us intimately and we’ve grown our business through the help of KBH; they’ve helped us make important decisions along the way.
Cliff Anderson, Co-owner, ProLine
I was a chartered accountant for 25 years at my own firm. When I left to go into business, I had never used another accountant before. I like dealing with a local firm that is still large enough to do what I need. They bring young people in, which ensures the firm is very progressive. They give tremendous personal service, and very practical service. They cover every aspect that I need, even if it’s international business. Besides being small and personal, I know KBH can still provide me that international support.
Elgin Gomme, Virgin Technologies
Ward has been my accountant for a number of years. I believe you get what you pay for, and nowhere is this more true than at KBH. Ward is a brilliant accountant – he knows what’s happening in the world and what you can and can’t do. As long as he’s here, I’ll be here. I have recommended my friends and even my son to go with KBH.
Lane Carrington, Small Business Owner
Shabir really knows his stuff and we've been able to access more deductions simply because of the knowledge he provides. Working with KBH has been great and we would recommend them to anyone.
Craig and Yori Handley, Personal Taxes