Whether you need to file for your household, your sole proprietorship or a bustling corporation, KBH can provide the tax preparation services to make the process easy, transparent and consistent over the long-term. We know the specifics unique to many different industries, so we can advise you from a place of experience. Canada’s tax regime has never been known for being user-friendly. When you work with KBH you know you’re making the most of every deduction and credit.

Corporate and personal tax preparation and planning

GST & HST services

Family and testamentary trusts

Tax planning and estate planning

Areas of Expertise

  • Audit and assurance including annual compliance work;
  • Valuation services for business and other requirements;
  • Tax, Estate, Wills and Succession Planning and implementation for high net worth clients and corporations;
  • Coordinate with client’s other professional advisers to ensure their businesses and investments benefit from sound tax and business advice starting from when the initial investment is made.
  • We have extensive experience with reviewing client’s investments, offering advice and coordinating with their other advisers to ensure their investments are invested in a tax efficient and sound business manner.
  • Review and help develop an estate and succession plan to manage current tax bills, tax bills upon death and to tax efficiently pass on wealth to the next generation in accordance to the client’s wishes.
  • For active investors or clients with large investment portfolios, we perform an extensive review of their assets and liabilities, and provide tax advice on how to best invest in specific projects from a tax and business stand point.