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We’re Talking to Women in Business

KBH hopes to better understand the needs of women in business and of female business owners. Our goal is to pinpoint the specific challenges and frustrations that women face in their business every day. Would more specialized support from an advisor alleviate any of these frustrations? We are currently collecting feedback from women in two ways: Focus Group Sessions A light meal and refreshments will be served. All sessions are held at the KBH offices. October 25: 12:00 pm –…

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5 Things to Avoid When Filing Your Return

Source:   1.Not filing an income tax and benefit return because you had no income If you have no income to report, you should still file a return. You may be eligible for a refund and credits and benefits such as the goods and services tax/harmonized sales tax credit and the Canada child tax benefit. 2.Not reporting all your income When filing, it is important to make sure you report all your income from all your slips, such as…

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