Our Firm Philosophy

At KBH, our core purpose is Helping People Succeed.  This is a philosophy that we try to live by.  At our firm, our people are our employees, our clients and the community.  The success of these collective groups is important to us.

Our Employees

Success for our employees can take on many forms.  Completion of specific training programs and exams is only one facet of success.  As our employees grow and develop, they are given more challenging assignments; handling new challenges is just another form of success.  We aim to do everything we can to help our staff reach their highest potential.

Our Clients

Client success is typically measured in dollars, but at KBH, success is much more than that.  Success can mean meeting certain filing deadlines or making a better informed decision because of the added insight our firm can provide.  As advisors, success will mean the completion of an assignment, whether that is an audit, assistance with a transition plan or guidance through items noted in a management letter.

Our Community

We have recognized that KBH is much more than just an accounting firm.  We are a member of a thriving community and need to be active participants, which is why we do our part to get involved in the community in any way we can. Many KBH partners and employees are board members for various community organizations, participate in ongoing charity fundraisers, as well as provide services and assistance to many local organizations.  At KBH, we understand that everyone benefits from a successful community..

Whenever we make decisions, we are conscious of whether or not what we are doing falls in line with our core purpose.