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How much do you really need to retire comfortably?

We’ve been trending with the retirement posts lately; especially with the RRSP contribution deadline looming (you’re probably getting tired of hearing us say it; it’s March 1st by the way!). But if your personal finances keep you up at night and you’re constantly wondering “how much do I actually need to retire?”, then you should take some notes. The amount you need to have saved to retire comfortably, with the same quality of life you’re currently leading, varies for everyone —…

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U.S. Tax Changes Effects on Canadian Business

U.S. tax reform is here! Wait… In Canada, really? In reality, these changes do effect Canadian business. After President Trump signed off on the latest version of the U.S. tax code, that sweeping overhaul has become “law”. As a result, our Canadian businesses with cross-border ties need to be cognizant of what lies ahead. As Canadian businesses have always been major stakeholders in U.S. tax reform, and our economy being deeply integrated with the U.S. economy (see our post on the U.S….

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We’re Talking Saving for Education

Whether you just found out you’re expecting, or your child is in his/her teens, it’s never too early/too late to save for their future. With our school system failing on educating our children on finances and money management, it’s part of our responsibility as parents to make sure they’re covered as much as possible. Allowing them to worry about what’s important — their GPAs and furthering their education, and careers. But where to begin… Some may start by putting a few…

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