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Bookkeeping Software – Which solution is best for my business?

KBH often helps new businesses begin their software search. We also assist existing businesses that have been using the same software for a long time and want to upgrade or discover better solutions for their business by upgrading their current software. This software assists them with running their day-to-day business, handling things such as bookkeeping and expense reporting. Bookkeeping is a must and part of our job is to help business owners handle it with ease. So what might be…

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Changes to Alberta Labour Standards: What Your Business Should Know

It has been almost 30 years since Alberta Labour Standards were last reviewed and changed, with the new Cannabis Act effective October 17th, 2018 labour laws and employment standards are sure to be revised in the coming weeks. For now, the below are the changes that became effective in January 2018. Cannabis Act: How to prepare yourself First and foremost, employers must update their policies and procedures to include the prohibition of cannabis usage in the workplace. Contracts and company policies…

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Cybersecurity & Your Business

Risks to personal and organizational data have never been greater than today. In an ever evolving online interconnected workplace the threat of ransomware and social engineering is increasing at an alarming pace. However, there are ways to safeguard you, your team’s and your organization’s digital assets from those that would look to profit at your organizations expense. So how can you protect your business? 1st: Start with a plan. With the majority of any cyber-disaster preparedness plan often beginning with…

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